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Children’s Book Award
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2016-2017 CBA Banner Winners

 1st: Always Abigail 2nd:  Anybody Shining  3rd: Rookie Bookie
 Clearwater Elementary  Pritchardville Elementary

 Lake Carolina Elementary-Upper

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17-18 CBA Nominees

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16-17 CBA Nominees

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El Deafo
by Cece Bell 

15-16 CBA Nominees

15-16 Activity Guide

 Duke by Kirby Larson
14-15 CBA Nominees

14-15 Activity Guide
Promotional Video from Conference 
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Buddy by M. H. Herlong
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Past Children’s Book Award Winners:

2015 Herlong, M. H. Buddy
2014 Palacio, R. J. Wonder
2013 Downing, Mary Hahn The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
2012 Mass, Wendy 11 Birthdays
2011 Downing, Mary Hahn All the Lovely Bad Ones
2010 Korman, Gordon Swindle

Notice: All media specialists should review all titles and add them to their collection only if the titles meet the criteria established by District Board Policy and Library Media Center Policy & Procedure guidelines. We recommend that others interested in purchasing these titles read reviews and scan materials to determine the appropriateness for their intended reader.

Updated: 30 July 2017