Book Award Trailers

2023-2024 Book Award Trailer Winners 

PBA 1st Place Winning Trailer

CBA 1st Place Winning Trailer

JBA 1st Place Winning Trailer

 YABA 1st Place Winning Trailer

Book Trailer Guidelines

  1. The Book Trailer must represent a Book Award Nominee for the current year.
  2. The book title and author's name must be present in the video.
  3. All entries must be original work created by students.
  4. One entry per level, per school
  5. Book trailers may not be longer than three minutes in length.
  6. Book trailers may be live action or animated (stop-motion).
  7. Entries must be uploaded to Google Drive and shared to [email protected].
  8. Winners will be announced at the SCASL Conference.
  9. Entries will be disqualified based on inappropriate content or production.
  10. You may use an image of the book cover in your video--However, it is recommended that you use your own photograph of the book cover rather than obtaining an image from the internet. You may not use any other images that you did not create unless they are copyright free/creative commons/royalty free, etc. and proper citation of the image source is appropriately cited within the video.
  11. Regarding music, you may use music you created or music that is in the public domain and appropriately documented (see You may also use music that comes with a movie-making program such as iMovie, Photo Story or Windows Live Movie Maker. Please identify in the end credits where you got all sounds and music from and why they are free to use (for example: Song X performed by Band Y was sourced from the free music in iMovie).
  12. Use of copyrighted materials without documented approval from copyright holder will cause submission to be disqualified. This Book Trailer Contest does NOT fall under educational fair use exemptions.

Please note: Failure to follow these guidelines IN FULL will disqualify your school’s entry.

Book Award Trailers contest is CLOSED for the 2023-2024 school year.

*Videos must be able to be uploaded to Google Drive and shared with [email protected]. Also, you will need to complete the book trailer submission form at the bottom of this page.  

Book Trailer Judging

Please review the Book Trailer Judging Rubric for specific details judges will be looking for when reviewing the book trailer videos. Each video will be judged on the authenticity of the art as it relates to the book as well as on the artistic quality of the book trailer. All book trailers must be the original work of the child(ren) involved. The book trailer must be a student project. Adult input should be advisory in nature and kept to the minimum required by the age group participating.

Certificates of participation will be available online to each participating school at In addition, a certificate for first, second, and third place in each category will be awarded at conference and a prize of $100 will be awarded to the school of the first place winner in each category; $75 will be awarded to the school of the second place winner; and $50 will be awarded to the school of the third place winner in each category. The award checks will be mailed to the school media specialist unless otherwise requested.

A school may win only one first place award but may receive other award levels. Schools may only submit one video per judging category to the book trailer competition. Schools may only submit book trailers in categories in which they are qualified to vote (i.e.. a K4-5th grade school may be participating in the PBA and CBA and therefore may have two book trailers in the competition, one for each category level.)

Tips to Create a Book Trailer - Brenda Stephens created this video with tips to create a book trailer.  


Updated: 7 March 2024