2016-2017 Library Media Specialist Survey


Dear SC School Librarians –

It’s time again for the annual Library Media Specialist Survey!  The 20 question survey (shared below) will be completed through the SC State undefinedDepartment of Education, and key data will be included in the State’s School Report Cards this fall.  For this reason, it is crucial that you complete the survey!
You will receive the survey link through your district office (District Report Card Coordinator) around May 1st – please make sure to complete the survey by July 1.

For your records, you can complete this worksheet below and sign it once you have completed the survey online.  Keep a copy for your records, and send a copy to your Principal and/or Library District/Supervisor/Coordinator to indicate you have completed the survey.

LMS Survey Worksheet

LMS Survey Worksheet Editable

Live Survey Link – https://apps.ed.sc.gov/Survey/index.php?sid=38875&lang=en (May 1-July 1)