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The School Librarian of the Year awards program honors one full-time librarian from each of the four regions (Lowcountry, Midlands, PeeDee, and Upstate- map below) and one state winner who will serve as the SCASL School Librarian of the Year (SLOY). The four regional winners are recognized as finalists for the state award.  


The purpose of the award is to recognize certified school librarians who have made an outstanding contribution to school libraries in South Carolina by building an exemplary library program and serving as an active SCASL member. Exemplary library programs are those defined as reflecting the themes of collaboration, leadership, and technology integration as outlined in National School Library Standards for Learners. Qualities of exemplary programs include outstanding and effective support of student learning through well-rounded, innovative, and comprehensive program administration; effective collaborative partnerships with teachers in both teaching and learning; and information access. 


In accepting this award, the School Librarian of the Year agrees to:


  • Make presentations throughout the state to share his/her methods of best practice including presenting at the annual SCASL Conference. 

  • Write at least one article for The SCASL Messenger

  • Serve on the SCASL Awards Committee for 2 years as co-chair then chair

  • Represent SCASL in Columbia on South Carolina Legislative Day and at the SC Read-In. 


Because of these requirements, it is recommended that nominators notify the person whom they are nominating. Self-nominations are welcome.


Members may be nominated multiple times but may only win the state level once.


Nominee Requirements:


  1. A minimum of 5 years experience as a full-time school librarian.

  2. Currently serving as a full-time school librarian in a South Carolina school.

  3. Active SCASL membership.


SCASL Region School Library of the Year Nomination


Due by the last Friday of October. Turn in nominations to [email protected]

SCASL Region (Lowcountry, Midlands, PeeDee, Upstate)


Name of Nominee


Name of School


School Address & Phone Number


Nominee’s E-Mail address


School District


Number of Years of School Librarian Experience


Name of MLIS degree-granting institution and year earned


Nominator Name


Position of Nominator


Nominator’s E-Mail Address


Question #1: Tell us in 2-3 sentences why your librarian nominee deserves to win this award. Responses limited to 200 words.

Question #2: How does your librarian nominee impact student learning? Include examples of collaboration with other teachers, innovative practices, and technology integration. Responses limited to 800 words.

Question #3: How does your librarian nominee demonstrate leadership  in your school, community, and the education profession? Responses limited to 800 words.

Regional winners will be selected and notified by November 30th. Regional winners must submit an additional award submission by December 31st and will schedule an online interview with the Awards committee in January. The regional winners will be recognized at the SCASL annual conference where the SCASL School Library of the Year will be announced.


Regional Winner Submissions


Regional winners should submit:


  • A one page resume including education, teaching experience, professional development activity, and awards/recognitions. 

  • A narrative sharing three examples of lessons and programs that highlight your ability to collaborate with teachers to create engaging learning experiences. At least one example should include effective technology integration and at least one example should focus on promoting reading and literacy. Responses are limited to 800 words.