New Standards

New National School Library Standards have been released!


Learn more at your Regional Workshop and SCASL Conference.
Go to for resources and more information.

You may order your copy straight from ALA at
Doing this may cost you $199. Order through SCASL to pay only $99, and save on shipping too if you order by Dec 15th!

Ordering Your Standards Book Through SCASL


For your convenience, we are offering 3 different ways to order your copy of the new National Library Standards Book for the discounted rate of $99.


Print & Mail

Ship It

Pick Up

Use this method for bulk orders. Fax or mail orders to SCASL at (803)492-3025 or 
P.O. Box 2442
Columbia, SC 29202
*Orders received through this method  AFTER DEC 15th will be shipped at the end of December, March, June, and September.

Use this method if you prefer to have your copy mailed to you.
*Orders received through this method will be shipped at the end of December, March, June, and September.

Use this method to save on shipping. Pick it up at your regional workshop
or at conference in March.


Why do I have to pay to access the library standards?

In the past, we had to purchase 3 books to get all of our library standards, Empowering Learners, Standards in Action, and Standards for the 21st Century Learner. This book combines all three of those publications and includes additional resources.

Are any available for free online?

With our previous standards, the Standards for the 21st Century Learner were available online for free. The new version of these standards is available for free at .

Where can I find resources about the new standards? has resources for professional development, materials for your use, and discussion forums.

Will there be training?

Training will be offered at each of the Regional Workshops and at our SCASL conference in March. AASL is providing multiple webinars; find information at You can also see standards-related events across the country at


You may direct your questions to Heather Thore,
or Kristie Haltiwanger,
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