Professional Awards Committee Information and Applications

Function: The Awards Committee promotes public awareness of the profession and its services and administers the awarding of the SCASL professional awards.  The committee disseminates to the membership relevant information concerning these awards, criteria, and deadlines.

 ALL APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE POSTED ON GOOGLE DOCS AND SHARED WITH [email protected] BY Friday, December 4, 2020.  Questions can be emailed to Tamara Cox at [email protected] or [email protected]

2020-2021 Committee Members:

Chair:  Tamara Cox, Wren High School, Anderson One

[email protected]

Co-Chair: Jeni Nix, Beech Hill Elementary School, Dorchester Two

Lindsay Beaman

Joanna Watkins

Kelley Rider

Claudia John

Katherine Jones

Ronda Speed

Laura Bouknight

Susan Dicey

Tiffany Anderson

Deidre Ables

Ann Tillman

Professional Awards:

Is your school library an integral part of your school? If so we would like to honor those who have helped make it happen! The SCASL Awards Program includes these awards and honors:

Outstanding School Library Program of the Year - honors an exemplary program demonstrating strength in the areas of Foundations, Building the Learning Environment, Teaching and Learning, Building Collaborative Partnerships, Advocacy and Outreach, and Leadership.  Sponsored by Gumdrop Books.

School Librarian of the Year – honors a full-time school librarian on the basis of exemplary programs as well as active participation and service to SCASL and other related organizations. Sponsored by Follett School Solutions.

Distinguished Service Award – recognizes an individual or an organization for contributions to SCASL and school media programs throughout the state of South Carolina. Sponsored by Bedford Falls Book Fairs.

Administrator of the Year – recognizes and thanks an exemplary administrator. Sponsored by Follett School Solutions.

Nancy Jane Day Scholarship – provides a SCASL member with reimbursement for the cost of one successfully completed college course taken to improve job performance or complete a graduate degree in library science. Sponsored by MackinVia and Overdrive.

Library Paraprofessional of the Year – The Paraprofessional Award recognizes the exemplary performance of a paraprofessional who directly supports the media profession either at the building or district level.

SCASL Collegiate Scholarship – provides a scholarship to a graduating media center volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to South Carolina school librarianship, school library services, and/or SCASL. *Suspended for 2020-2021 year.

SCASL Honor Roll nominees are recognized in the SCASL Messenger and the conference program. They will receive a certificate of merit, a monetary award, and a letter of commendation will be sent to their supervisor, superintendent or school board.

Composition: The Awards Committee is composed of a committee chair and members chosen by the chair.

Chairperson: The Awards Committee Chair is the School Librarian from one year previous to the calendar year.


- Promotes public awareness of the profession and its services.

- Handles the following recognitions that are presented by SCASL: School Librarian of the Year, SCASL Collegiate Scholarship Award, Distinguished Service Award, Administrator of the Year Award, Nancy Jane Day Scholarship, Outstanding Library Program of the Year, and the Library Paraprofessional of the Year Award.

- Distributes relevant information concerning the awards of the membership and school administrators.

Updated: 13 August 2020