SCASl Annual Summer Institute 2018 - VENUE CHANGE!!

NOTE!! The location has changed for the SCASL SUmmer Institute June 12. We are now meeting in the library at Olympia Learning Center, 621 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC. Please share!

Why should I do the SC Librarian's Annual Survey? It is THAT important people!!

With the full support and cooperation of South Carolina Department of Education Office of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership Development, SCASL is collecting school library information to analyze and share. We are collecting the information to show the SDE the importance and relevance of school libraries. We are actively working to add school library information to future report cards.

Please know that Librarians across our state WILL HAVE ACCESS to the results of this survey by September-ish to share with your "powers that be" for the purpose of advocacy for your libraries. It will be presented with graphics and information, and you may use it as you see fit. This is a FIRST, as in the last ten years, the data collected was collected, but little more. Your state organization, SCASL has permission to assist with collection, analysis, and permission to publish for use!

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Annual Data - Where do you stack up?

This spring your SCASL leadership, specifically Cathy Jo Nelson, President of the SC Asscoaition of School Librarians, and Shannon Ryan, our SCASL Liasison representing and working with School Librarian Supervisors across the state of South Carolina, teamed up to share the June 2017 SC School Librarian's annual survey results. Our South Carolina State Deprtment of Education has sponsored an annual survey for well over ten years now, collecting data from collection size, to age, to types of circulationg materials and much, much more.  In the summer/fall of 2016, SC Librarians landed on the SC School's Annual Report Card.

SCASl Annual Summer Institute 2018

Please join us for the Annual SCASL Summer Institute planned for June 12, 2018 at Seawell's in Columbia, SC as we take a "deep dive" into learning the new AASL National Standards.  9 am - 2:15 pm; buffet lunch included.

Members - $25

Nonmembers - $50.

Register here.


April is School Library Month

April is School Library Month! Look who is the spokesperson --Jason Reynolds!!

What are you doing to celebrate School Library Month? Be sure to visit AASL to get ideas and more.

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Printing a #SCASL18 Conference Transcript

  1. Visit SCASL18.SCHED.COM and login.
  2. On your profile pic (or screen name initials if no pic was uploaded) choose "my sched."
  3. After your personalized schedule is loaded, click the printer icon on the right side of the screen. It will open in PDF format ready to be printed.


Finding SCASL18 Handouts in

Yesterday we shared a (silent) video showing how to access and print your conference transcripts. Today we are showing how to access handouts. Here is that recording: note that not everyone posted handouts in the sched platform. You may need to contact presenter directly if there are no handouts in 

2018 Conference Conclusion

SCASL18 Concludes

Thank you all for a wonderful conference!
When SCASL & Bassmasters collide, you never know what to expect;
I'm sure Greenville, SC will be recovering for the next several days.

540+ attendees
42 vendors
30+ authors
100+ sessions
average rating of 9.6 on SCHED


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Conference Schedule Soft Release

SCHED is Open!

You can get a preliminary look at our SCASL 2018 schedule now at Go to the website on your mobile device and add it to your homescreen to have easy access to the schedule during conference. See event descriptions and add sessions to your personal schedule. During conference, use it to check in to the sessions to create your transcript that can be used for your recertification credit!

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Getting to Know the New Standards

At ALA Midwinter, Heather Thore and I learned of some resources made by other affiliates who graciously said all could share. Here is a Powerpoint for the Pennsylvania Affiliate we thought was really good. If you'd like to dig deeper, feel free to download it, as there are notes on several slides. 

 Make a copy of this Google Slide set for your Google Drive. 

The Standards at a Glance - A One Page Document

This was something shared form ALA Midwinter too--it is designed to be printed out on 11x17 paper, but one can also print on two standard pages ideally front and back. At the Regional Meetings theLinda Heimburger from the DISCUS/State Library had these on hand.  

If you are looking to inform yourself or share with other stakeholders, this is a nice item to print or share.

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How do I Read the Standards

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with your new AASL Standards book? Here 's a helpful tip sheet for reading the standards.  

Link to view

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Winter/Spring 2018 Regional Meetings have concluded

The SCASL--USC-SLIS--SC SDE Librarians Regional Meetings concluded today. There was much sharing going on at these meetings. I attended the one helped in Greenville at wade Hampton.  There was a lot of discussion during Heather Thore's Presentation on the newly released AASL Standards, and where we all need to go from here. We tried to assure the attendees that as materials were released that were trainings and information about implementation, we would share.  

After our wonderful lunch provided by SCASL Sponsor Follett (who brought in Jason's Deli goodness in Greenville) we broke into smaller session. I myself attended the STEM DISCUS session, the Town hall like session "Let's Talk" led by Dr. Gerry Solomon, and The Ebook session led by Dr. Karen Gavigan, I was on information overload. I will request handouts and resources shared over the regional meetings and return here to share those so be on the lookout. 

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Hello from Denver's ALAMW18

Greetings librarians from SCASL-land. Heather Thore and I are busy representing you at the AASL Affiliate Assembly at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Denver.  It has been super cold and even snowy (all day yesterday), but we have been learning and gathering information to share with you very soon. Hot topics here are the new standards, an ESSA update, and the upcoming ALA elections.  
Don't forget tomorrow morning at 10AM east coast time, the ALA Youth Media Awards will be broadcast live from Denver. If you didn't know, this is the annual announcement of the big book award winners including the highly coveted Caldecott, Newbery, and Coretta Scott King Awards. Her is the link  Wouldn't this make an awesome viewing party at school--of course with only books and authors to entertain your guests.  You can also follow the hashtag #alayma on social media.  This is a big day for us, as the highly anticipated SC Book Award 2018-2019 nominees will be released shortly after by the SCASL Book Award Committee. 
We'll report in again later, as on the slate for today, we'll be attending the ALA President's Program, where our very own SCASL Member and USC-SLIS Director of SLIS, Dr. Lankes is on a panel discussing Libraries and Neutrality.  Heather and I are eating lunch with Dr. Lucy Green from SLIS and hanging out with the SCLA peeps and USC SLIS peeps at a get together this evening. 

Book Award Committees Still Needs Members!

The Book Award Committees are still accepting applications for the 2018-19
Picture, Children’s, Junior, and Young Adult Committees. Looking at the committee
memberships right now, we still need….

PBA Committee

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Why Join SCASL?

Why is being a SCASL member important to me?

  1. It's the principle of the thing.  I am a librarian in this state, librarianship is my profession, and like other professions who have are member of their organization I  am a member of mine.

  2. It is important that we maintain a voice in the government so that our profession does not become devalued then replaced by unqualified people as we are seeing in other states.

  3. Together we are powerful. I know SCASL has my back, which is why we need to continue to grow and become stronger.   Imagine if all of the over 1000 librarian were SCASL members, our influence would be incredible.

  4. The conferences are top notch.  I get to learn from my fellow colleagues, establish connections, meet authors, and have some to time refresh to make it through the rest of the year. I wouldn't miss my conference.

  5. I need this organization.  I need to be associated with my professional organization so that others will take my profession seriously.  It helps when I share all of the Book Award information to the teachers.  They are always impressed with the selections that the committee puts out and I know the hard work that is involved in making book selections.  Thank you.

  6. SCASL makes my job easier and saves me time.  Can you imagine having to come up with your own book recommendations? All of the research that would have to go into making sure every book meets the qualifications.  I shudder to think about it.  Thanks SCASL book committee members.

So that's why I am a member of SCASL.  My $50 goes a long way, and for me it's money well spent.  Thanks SCASL.

One last note: I attend the conference each year by putting aside a little money from my paycheck  each month to cover my expenses just in case my district decides not want to foot the bill; because not going to conference for me, ISN'T AN OPTION.

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We need articles featuring Engagement!

Afternoon all!

Quick reminder that the SCASL Messenger is still accepting articles for our Spring Edition.  For this issue we are requesting submissions that feature the many ways that we seek to engage students in our library spaces.

Theme: Engagement!  What have you done this year to increase patron engagement in your library?  Have you held a book tasting recently?  Tell us about it!  Are you getting ready to set up some blind dates with books?  Let us know!  Makerspaces, coding clubs, video games, whatever!  We want to hear about all of the cool things that you are doing to increase engagement in your library.

Length: 200 words and up!

Deadline: February 16th.

As always, we will also accept articles that highlight exceptional moments in your school library.

Please submit articles as a Word document and attach any images you have of your awesomeness to [email protected]

Travis Nelson
SCASL Editorial Chair

Library Media Consultant
Waverley Administration Building
1225 Oak Street
Columbia, SC  29204
Richland County School District One

Quick Standards Book Order

Order Now

Did you miss the 1st cut-off for ordering the new National School Library Standards book?
Want to get your copy before our conference?

We have reopened the link for ordering for 1 week only.
Go to AASL Standards Order Form - Shipped to order your copy by Friday, January 26th.



Where is my AASL Standards Book?

The AASL Standards order has shipped and Diane Ervin is currently sorting and shipping books (if you requested shipment).  If you have not yet paid, you need to do so before Diane can ship the books. Regional workshops begin this month. Workshops will feature information about the new AASL Standards. Don't delay, register today at the form below.You will have an opportunity to network with other librarians. It is a fun time!


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Share the Message!

Start 2018 off right by connecting with teacher cadets, student teachers and new teachers in your building and district. Share this digital flyer from the Pre-Service Education Committee and start laying the groundwork for collaboration. Share the message of how school libraries transform learning!

Shared by Elizabeth Graham
Woodland Heights Elementary
SCASL 2017-2018 PreService Committee Chair

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